Thursday, May 17, 2012

Triple Double Oreo

As I've said before, Oreo isn't known to issue many new flavors.  Besides chocolate and vanilla, and the occasional mint and peanut butter, Oreo generally sticks to its small stable of flavor varieties.

What Oreo has no problem with, however, is changing the morphology of their products.  They've been known to change the color of their vanilla creme for almost every holiday or seasonal occasion, but they've also been known get a little crazy with their cookie-to-creme ratios and combinations.

Well, Oreo is beginning to explore the extremes of this doctrine with Triple Double Oreo, an unholy combination of 3 Oreo cookies sandwiching 2 layers of both vanilla and chocolate creme.

My opinion is that this variety is more geared for novelty or shock value.  It's hard for me to believe that any Oreo fan would reach for these more than once instead of their favorite variety.

The glut of chocolate cookie in every bite drowns out whatever flavor the cremes would offer, especially the chocolate creme.  In the end, these taste like eating 2 original Oreos at one time.

Admittedly, I prefer balance in my Oreo snacks; too much creme or cookie (or both) can really throw me off.  I would rather have an single Oreo or a Chocolate Creme Oreo than this muddled monstrosity.

Triple Double Oreo: (Good)

Original Oreo(for comparison): (Great)

Acquired: supermarket

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  1. I have reached for these more than once. And then been horrified by how many calories are in ONE cookie.