Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Doritos Jacked Enchilada Supreme

Note: This is a Presumptive Ephemeral Nom.

New Doritos flavors tend to be among the most exciting snacks, and so I nabbed this bag greedily when I saw it.

I was taken aback by their texture, and then I was informed by the back of the bag that this new line, Doritos Jacked, contains new extra thick chips to go along with the new flavors.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  Back near the turn of the millennium Tostitos had their thicker Tostitos Gold variety, which I loved, but these Doritos Jacked are even thicker and crunchier.

The flavor of Enchilada Supreme Doritos seems like a redundant and half-hearted attempt.  The base of the seasoning feels like a duller version of the company's Nacho Cheese flavor.  On top of this base I can detect a few additions - chiles, bell pepper, a bit of cumin.  The flavor is overall enjoyable but not assertive enough, almost like the dull lovechild of Doritos Nacho Cheese and Doritos Taco.

As for the Jacked line's textural signature, I don't feel like it adds anything.  Then again, I always tend to enjoy more tender snacks like Tostitos Multigrain over normal tortilla chips and regular potato chips over their kettle-cooked counterparts.

Doritos Jacked Enchilada Supreme: (Good)

Doritos Nacho Cheese(for comparison): (Great)

Acquired: supermarket

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