Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday Cake Oreo

Oreos are the kind of food that I don't think to buy very much (via self control), but when I do, they're just too easy to eat.

I was ecstatic to see these special edition Oreos, especially since 1) Oreo releases special colored versions all the time, but rarely flavored ones, and 2) the cake-flavored fad is one I can get behind, with cake batter ice cream perhaps being my favorite variety.  This Oreo flavor celebrates Oreo's 100th Anniversary.

The flavor of these Oreos fall somewhere between the deliciousness of cake batter ice cream and the pointlessness of cake vodka.  That not-quite-vanilla cake flavor is captured in the cream (which has adorable colorful flecks, like confetti cake mix), but it doesn't quite capture that malty, starchy, doughy flavor that cake flavored products sometimes can.

They're delicious, and no less easy to eat than the original.

Birthday Cake Oreo:                   (Great)

Original Oreo(for comparison): (Great)

Acquired: Wegman's


  1. I disagree. Because the birthday cake Oreos weren't that cake-batter-like, it was like eating a not-as-good knock-off Oreo, not like eating a brand new Oreo product.

    1. Interesting... so you feel it tastes like more like an Oreo knock off than a flavored Oreo?

  2. Yep! I love Oreos (love!) and I love cake batter (love!), but this wasn't as good as an Oreo, or as good as something flavored like cake batter. I'd rather have either of the two than this Oreo that's only kind of sort of flavored like cake batter.