Sunday, May 25, 2014

Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 855

We have another line of poll products out, and this time they're from Doritos.  It's much like other such products: there are three flavors out on the shelves, and folks can vote online for their favorite at  Doritos will supposedly further produce the winner as a semi-permanent product, but there's a catch: these possible flavors don't have names or descriptions.  It's a blind taste test which your tongue must lead.

Unfortunately, this contest involves Doritos Jacked, not the regular chips.  I earlier explained the disappointment here.

I got my hands on the red version of these test chips.  The smell doesn't offer too much past chili powder.  The flavor of them prove fairly complex, but not in a great way.  Firstly noticeable are small and equal amounts of seasoning like from Doritos Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.  A strange combination, but pleasant.  Immediately afterward, however, these flavors are overwhelmed by what I would describe as dry and earthy powdered chile, which lingers and lingers.  The mouthful ends with a strong acidic tang, which might be vinegar, but tastes more like lime, and then a surprisingly hot spiciness, which can get a bit painful after a dozen or two chips in a row.

Bite after bite, chile and lime are the only thing I can taste.  Spice and acid.  The balance is way off.  In the end, they taste more like an experiment in extremes, not a sophisticated and interesting product.

Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 855:- Passable

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gatorade Cool Blue Cherry

Reviewed here almost a year late is Gatorade Cool Blue Cherry, a limited edition that was a sister product to Gatorade Strawberry Lemonade, both of which were flavors exclusive to 7-Eleven for the summer of 2013.

Cool Blue Cherry has more than meets the eye.  The sip starts with simple sweet cherry, which is a bit off-putting due to the blue color.   The sweetness, however, is tempered with an additional tang/sourness that isn't found in the normal line of Gatorades.  But then comes an additional note afterward, which I swear is pineapple.  It's a strange combination, but the overall tone of the drink is more tropical than simply cherry cough syrup, like I was expecting.

It's simple, well-executed, and surprising.

Gatorade Cool Blue Cherry:- Outstanding
Original Gatorade(Orange, for comparison):- Good

acquired: 7-Eleven