Friday, November 30, 2012

Pop-Tarts Yum-Azing Vanilla

 The fourth of several summer-related posts in a row!

Typical cross-branding with this new flavor of Pop-Tarts which commemorates The Amazing Spider-Man movie released this summer.  It turns out this product also comes in a red box.  (Side note: I've heard that Marvel's licenses are such that they expire if they are not actively used within a certain frequency of years, which is why the movie market is being flooded with Marvel superhero reboots.  But, I can't find any hard source on this.)

This pastry boasts vanilla creme with bright red frosting.  As an adorable bonus, the sprinkles are large and in the shape of small spiders!

Unfortunately, this is a great example of a Pop-Tarts snack gone wrong.  The vanilla filling is nigh flavorless.  Worse, it somehow lends a candy-like flavor to what little vanilla is there, almost like a cheap supermarket bakery's cake frosting.  That, along with the big crunch of the frosting, and the bigger crunch of the spider sprinkles, and the experience of this is more like crunching on hard candy, made little better if you decide to toast it.

This product barely makes it into the 1-NOM zone.  If you want good vanilla Pop-Tarts, then seek out the humorously long named Pop-Tarts Festival Fun Frosted Vanilla I-Scream Cone.

Pop-Tarts Yum-Azing Vanilla: -Passable

Original Pop-Tarts(Strawberry, for comparison): - Good

acquired: Giant

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