Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Herr's Baby Back Ribs

Note: This is a Presumptive Ephemeral Nom.

Like Utz brand snacks, Herr's is also an East Coast regional brand.  Also like Utz, Herr's is known to offer tons of hard-to-come-by variations on their products that really push the envelope.  I guess these regional companies have more leeway with their R&D money/practices?

I'm continually impressed with Herr's unorthodox flavors, and this is no exception.

The bag is opened and an aroma of smoke and vinegar hit the nose.  The first taste continues with the smoke and a bit of sweetness (the ingredients list indicates that this is provided by tomato and molasses flavorings).  The flavor continues with a traditional barbecue chip seasoning, with a bit more onion and garlic poking through than you'd expect.  The finish of these things is surprising, however... you get pork.  Indeed, there is pork flavoring in these chips.  The tail end of the experience gives you a smoky pork note that really sets this snack apart from its peers.  It feels like fried pork rinds were ground into a powder and used as a seasoning.  Bravo!

Herr's deserves credit for creating such a unique product.  While I love meat-flavored snacks, from things like my aforementioned cheeseburger Doritos to Chicken in a Biskit to Asian shrimp crackers, I don't think that it's done enough.  Americans aren't used to having junk food flavored like meat (or fish), but I bet a product like Herr's Baby Back Ribs could get the process started.

Herr's Baby Back Ribs: (Outstanding)

Herr's Barbecue(for comparison): (Good) 

Acquired: Giant

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