Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pringles Original Hot Sauce

While Pringles puts out plenty of flavors that are arguably ephemeral, it's not often that they issue a Limited Edition, but that's just what they've done!

I'm evidently late to the game, since it seems that these chips were released with another flavor to celebrate the ending of football season back during the winter, as would be indicated by the pigskin-like label on the can.  Oh well!

This variety seems to take a different tack than other "buffalo" style chips, and though it's far from perfect, it's a pleasant surprise.

Most chips flavored with hot sauce offer a very bold flavor, but these seem to attempt restraint.  Whatever hot sauce flavor it contains shies away from the overly pungent varieties that may most often be on your favorite establishment's hot wings and instead offers something more sharp and vinegary, not unlike Tabasco.

You'll find an exceptionally vinegary bite to these, much more than you'd expect from any buffalo-style competitor.  And as someone who's obsessed with salt, I can tell you that these are also much saltier than any snack I've had in a long time; despite the fact that they're not incredible, the salt makes me keep reaching for more.  It takes effort to discern the chili flavor in these.  In the end, they only taste like salt & vinegar chips with a bit of chili, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Pringles Original Hot Sauce: - Good

Original Pringles(for comparison): - Great

Acquired: Walmart

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