Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arizona Cherry Lime Rickey

I'm not really sure what Arizona is going for by calling this a Rickey and a "Brooklyn Original".  The Rickey is a highball-style cocktail originally created right here in DC to combat the oppressive humid District summers.  Skeptical in mood, I dove in.

The taste is much better than expected.  Both the cherry and lime in this manage to not taste like cheap candy versions of themselves, which isn't something I often come across for either lime or cherry beverages.  The cherry is soft and sweet... a reminder of Mountain Dew Code Red.  The lime is bright and tangy.  On top of all this, Arizona has added additional sourness that really makes this rather sweet drink refreshing.  This stuff is awesome.

A Rickey this is not, but a delicious drink this is.

Arizona Cherry Lime Rickey:- Great

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  1. Perhaps the usage of "Rickey" is to follow Arctic Circle's Rickey which IIRC was half a lime sliced in three and added to grape soda. It was around for years but haven't seen it since 2011 or so. Don't know why Arctic Circle bothered to put it on their menu but I liked it.