Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pepsi X

In the eternal dichotomy of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, I've always been more of a Coke man, though I adore both products.  However, when it comes to producing ephemeral noms, deference need be given to Pepsi.

Perhaps it's because Pepsi is a smaller and a less universally monumental brand than Coke. Perhaps it feels its brand is able to be a bit more malleable without disappointing a literally global clientele that demands the same unchanging bliss, like Coke might feel.

Like a music artist unchained by the expectations of a corporate megalabel, Pepsi has issued variations of their products which, while perhaps not blockbuster sellers, have been exemplary in their innovative ideas and in quality.  Mountain Dew(a Pepsico brand) alone has been an ephemeral nom powerhouse, from my recent look at Mountain Dew Pitch Black line, to the DEWmocracy line, and more.  Classic Pepsi variations shouldn't be looked over either, however: who can't forget Crystal Pepsi, or perhaps the less-memorable Pepsi Blue... and of course my personal favorites Pepsi Holiday Spice and Pepsi Vanilla.

Well, Pepsi has done it again with a cross-branding venture called Pepsi X.  While the letter X can get a bit tiresome in branding, this product is specifically tied to the Fox TV show "The X Factor".

Why is a product named "X" or tied in with "The X Factor" flavored with dragonfruit?  I have no idea.  Dragonfruit products tend to never taste like dragonfruit; while exotic-looking on the outside, real dragonfruit actually tastes like very little on the inside.  Its mealy white flesh, while sweet, is flavored very subtley, with perhaps a little muskiness to it.

The more I drink this soda, the more I realize that there indeed might be dragonfruit in this drink.  The slight musky flavor is there, but I'm not sure there's any more dragonfruit likeness.  This stuff is sweeter than original Pepsi, as most of the Pepsi variants are.  Oddly, there's a slight spiciness that comes about on the tongue that approaches cinnamon and allspice.  Perhaps whatever dragonfruit flavors in the mix bring about Pepsi's already-present spices in its formula?  Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, and I'd go so far as to say that the heightened spices approach a character like Pepsi Holiday Spice, one of my favorite ephemeral noms of all time.

Pepsi knocks another flavored cola out of the park.

Pepsi X:- Great
Original Pepsi(for comparison):- Great

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