Monday, January 28, 2013

When Ephemeralness Becomes Permanence

Just this weekend my consumer sense tingled as I passed a product package that registered as different to the corner of my eye.

It turned out to be Birthday Cake Oreos, as has previously been seen... but wait!  This product packaging recognizes that it is no longer 2012, Oreo's 100th Anniversary year, but also this packaging does not say "Limited Edition"!

Could Oreo have made Birthday Cake Oreo cookies permanent due to their success?  Let's hope so.  A cursory search on the interwebs do not officiate this permanence, but I will keep my eye out for news.

Will I take down my Birthday Cake Oreo review if it's gone permanent?  No.  That post was the very first one on this site and I can't bring myself to remove it... but also, as a detail of policy, I will only remove Presumptive Ephemeral Nom posts if I see that they are indeed permanent.

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