Sunday, December 23, 2012

M&M's White Chocolate Peppermint

M&Ms has issued another seasonal flavor, again with white chocolate as a vehicle, and again in slightly larger sized candies.

This one is much simpler than the last.  The peppermint is so strong on these that you can smell the spicy scent through the candy shell as you pour them out of the bag.  After the crunch, a peppery and dry stab of peppermint fills your mouth.  The flavor is so strong that it mostly overpowers the subtle notes of the white chocolate and almost overpowers its sweetness, even.  This doesn't have what I would call balance, but true fans of peppermint won't care.

I'm inclined to give this product only 1 NOM, but given my general distaste of peppermint in anything but gum, I'll bump this up barely into the 2-NOM range to give the general public's taste a benefit of the doubt.

M&M's White Chocolate Peppermint:- Good
Original M&M's (for comparison): - Good

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