Friday, June 13, 2014

Cookie Dough Oreo

Cookie Dough Oreos were released a good few months ago, but they can still be found in stores as of this posting, and you'd be right to seek them out.

As you take the bite, you might be like me in expecting a cookie dough flavor like the one used in ice creams and other processed foods... the kind that's quite like refrigerated cookie dough from the supermarket.  But for me, the type used in these cookies reminds me not of premade kind, but of the homemade kind you might use from the recipe on the back of Tollhouse chocolate chips.

There's just so much flavor.  Yes, there's the doughy/floury base that lets you know it's cookie dough, and that bit of salt that's just strong enough to notice.  But after that are the touches that remind me of my mother's cookie dough as she's stirring it a giant bowl: a strong presences of vanilla, so strong and aromatic that it's more recognizable as vanilla extract.  Another strong presence is dark brown sugar, so strong that its molasses flavor is clearly detectable.  These notes are so pungent that I'm inclined to say that the creme is perfumed with them.

Add all this to bits of chocolate chips in the creme that add a nice chewy contrast to the crunchy cookie, and you have an impressive, complex, and sophisticated product.

Cookie Dough Oreo:- Outstanding

Original Oreo(for comparison):- Great