Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Toll House Oatmeal Scotchies

It's not often that "Limited Edition" graces your local store's refrigerated cookie dough case, but here we are.  Nestlé Toll House has issued Oatmeal Scotchies, a curious combination of butterscotch morsels within an oatmeal cookie mix.

There isn't much to this one.  After being baked per the package's directions, these things are good.  The spices within the cookie batter were surprisingly complex, being heavy on the cinnamon and perhaps with some nutmeg as well.  The cookie was so good that the morsels may have even taken away from the experience.  Aside from that, I'm not sure how well butterscotch pairs with the oatmeal batter, anyway.  Overall, really good stuff.

Toll House Oatmeal Scotchies:- Great
Original Toll House Chocolate Chip(for comparison):- Great


  1. Kind sir,
    My girlfriend and I are huge fans of your work. However, we're wondering what it takes to get Four Noms? Is there even such thing as four alarm Noms?!?

    Adoring fans need to know.

    Have you tried the vanilla cream Canada Dry? Now that's a tasty ephemeral nom!

  2. Kalawiki,

    Thanks for the kind words. There is most definitely a 4-NOM rating and at least a handful of noms that have reached it. Scroll through a few dozen posts and you'll find some. Regard my NOM rating legend here: Realize also that there is indeed a 5-NOM rating, and THAT is the rating that I'm not even sure exists in real life. We'll see if anyone ever reaches it one day.

    As an aside, I realize that my rating scale is crude and subjective. That is why I try to provide ratings alongside similar products, so that you get a feel for my tastes and better understand how they skew my judgements.

    I have not seen the cream Canada Dry! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled!