Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kemps Winter Snowmen

Winter is almost officially over, so let's get a winter limited edition snack out of the way while we still can.

I'll never forget one of my favorite childhood treats: ice cream Santa Clauses that came out only at Christmas time.  They didn't have a stick by which to eat them, or any hard coating to make them easier to hold.  They were just shaped, colored mounds of ice cream.  And yet they don't seem to exist anymore, and worse, nobody I know remembers them.

A mixture of vindication, pleasure, and nostalgia hit me in the gut as I ran across these in the supermarket.  They're not quite the same thing, but they're clearly meant to be similar in spirit.  There is also a Christmas tree version.

Unwrapped and bitten, these things strike a similar chord to the one I remember as a kid.  This variety is Neapolitan-flavored, and so almost each bite tastes different, which I really enjoy.  It's possible that the manufacturer adds a certain ingredient to the recipe that better allows the ice cream to stay a bit firmer while in the hand (and with no stick or chocolate exoskeleton to support it), and I think the product has a different mouth feel than normal ice cream as a result (as I always remembered).

These aren't quite as good as I remember, but it just may be the nostalgia coloring my judgement (as it's notorious for doing).  This is almost into the 3-NOM range.

Kemps Winter Snowmen:- Good

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  1. There's something a little ice cream Mickey Mouse-head about that Snowman. Do you also remember when those where on the shelves?